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Web Access is a Cutting-Edge solution for remote facial authentication through Web and TCP/IP networks. The solution allows remote face authentication through a web component which can be embedded on any web page. The system does face recognition and allows face authentication of a user along with password authentication.

Web Access is a revolutionary technology that facilitates secured login to a remote site from a web page. Web Access component will be embedded in login authentication web page. By accessing this web page administrator can biometrically enroll a user using face recognition from any place with an internet connection. After enrollment enrolled user can securely login to a site using normal authentication plus biometric authentication using face recognition.

How it works ?

WebAccess is a 1:1 Web authentication solution based on Username + PIN code + face signature. WebAccess allows advanced login to secured websites based on facial recognition procedure.



  • User can authenticate from any where in the world with internet
  • Administrator can enroll a user from any where in the world using internet
  • Reliable Authentication using Biometric feature (Face Recognition)
  • Centralized Authentication, reduces maintenance costs
  • Client machine does not require any software installation (Apart from settings change)
  • Unlimited number of users (Depending on database size limitations)
  • Fast and Accurate face detection (Depending on internet connectivity speed)
  • Works with normal 640 x 480 pixels Web Camera (Interpolation cameras not required)
  • 1:1 matching
  • Strengthens Password login with face recognition technology

Video Demonstration

Server Side

  • View list of authenticated users
  • User information and image acquisition available on request
  • User authentication history available as log file
  • User image possible to be saved as acquisition data
  • Possible to view users in multi view screen
  • The Server software shall allow viewing users in multi view screen

Supported Cameras

  • Full support for Analog Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Full support for USB Camera
  • Support in Logitech®, Microsoft®,Vivotek®, Axis® Cameras

Key Features

  • Embeddable in any web page
  • Global Face Authentication capability
  • Free version available
  • View of authenticated clients
  • Messaging to Clients possible
  • Remote Backup/Restore
Click here for Demo

Suitable For

  • Online banking
  • Organizational web sites
  • IT industry
  • Other sensitive web resources

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows XP/VISTA
  • Minimum Memory : 512 MB RAM
  • HD Free Space : 50 MB
  • Processor : at least 1.2 GHz