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Enterprise Time & Attendance tracking for a large enterprise is no simple matter. There are geographical separations of sites, multiple state and union requirements, complex pay roll calculations, and various regional pay practices. In addition, traditional reliance on employees and supervisors to report time and attendance has resulted in many abuses such as buddy punching, clock padding and general inaccuracy of time capture. Manual time capture systems are error prone and consolidation of data from various sources is difficult and time consuming. Existing ERP systems are too costly and cumbersome to extend and most purpose built solutions are not designed with large, distributed enterprises in mind.

FRS OnTime is a Time & Attendance System with a Face recognition System, specifically designed to provide irrefutable personal verification.

How it Works..


Time Attendance

Employee Verification

FRS OnTime is a Time & Attendance System with a Face recognition System, specifically designed to provide irrefutable personal verification. It is a standard, Camera and Prompt Software to enroll and verify employees, store their Face records, keep logs, and interface with computers. FRS OnTime provides enhanced security, superior speed. Employee IN & OUT times are stored as Soft Data, This reduces the manual drudgery of Data Entry, Register maintenance and monthly requirement of Punch Cards for conventional Time Clocks to a minimum.

Software Specifications

  • Facial Recognition customizable engine
  • Generic video interface (Win 32 API)
  • Real time facial detection
  • Real time facial matching
  • Enhanced matching mechanism (Matching attempts)
  • Adjustable image processing
  • User Management / Time Zones
  • Time Attendance feature (In / Out) (Reasons)
  • Fully customable Time Attendance
  • Log Browser including visual history
  • User Privacy mode - no image savings

Employee database maintains informations like..

  • Face Id
  • Full Name
  • Job Description
  • Supervisor Name
  • Valid Upto
  • Customizable shift timings


Facial Recognition Adjustable Attributes

  • Minimal Similarity Level
  • Eye distance
  • Matching attempts
  • Face sample rate

Video Demonstration

Key Features

  • Visual view of video input
  • Visual view of face detection
  • History / Enrolled / Suspects view
  • Voice alerts during system operation
  • Easy to use graphic interface
  • Fast and accurate Face verification

Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium 4 1.66GHZ
  • 512MB RAM (Minimal)
  • 20GB Free HD
  • USB 2.0
  • CCTV Analog Camera with 535 TVL
  • Pinnacle PCTV Video Grabber

Other Advantages

  • Work hours, tardiness absence, overtime report by individual by user defined time period
  • Time & Attendance data modification by manager
  • Data export facility for other system cooperation with ERP, payroll etc.