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Facelog provides a simple yet effective face screensaver for safer and easier PC protection. The integration of Facelog and a PC camera only provides access only when live-feed face image of an authorized user is detected, effectively preventing unauthorized access.

Facelog is a non-invasive technology that does not require physical contact. As such, it allows you to experience the ut-most convenience of cutting edge technology in gaining access to your PC, laptops or any other devices that can use biometric protection.


Facelog adds Biometric authentication to the windows screensaver capabilities. The operating system will allow PC unlocking only after biometric authentication, eliminating the need for user name and password. The process does not store images and uses only face signature template.

Facelog allows the user to select Screensaver activation in order to maximize PC security.

Software Features:

  • Facial Recognition Screensaver
  • Emergency User Name with Encrypted Password
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited Enrollments per user

Configuration Tab

Select Camera – Allows you to select the relevant camera you would like to use with the Facelog Screen Saver. Please notice that this camera must be available for the Facelog before operation. When you are near your computer and using it (and "Facelog" is not active) you are able to use the camera for other purposes. Keep in mind to close the camera when you aren’t using your PC, so "Facelog" will be able to use it.

Requested Similarity

The requested similarity value will define your security level. It allows you to select the minimum similarity level of comparison between the active face image on the camera and the saved template in the database. The recommended value here is 70-75, setting a higher value might lead to difficulty in recognition. Setting a lower value, might lead to false acceptance of unauthorized persons.


Allows change of software interface into the selected language. The languages can be easily updated by changing XML files with the extension ".lang" in the application directory: C:\Ex-Sight.com\FaceLog\. For example you can easily change English.lang into French if you just save it as French.lang and translate the content of the file to French. Then the system will automatically track it on next time settings screen will appear.

Allow Speech

FaceLog contains speech engine. Checking this checkbox will allow the software to speak.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows XP/VISTA-(doesn’t work with Vista)
  • Minimum Memory : 512 MB RAM
  • Processor : Intel Atom